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Telecommunications and connectivity are embarking on the most exciting journey of all time. Tactile Internet, the metaverse, robotics, machine to machine communication, cloud services, the Internet of Things and many other megatrends that are not yet recognizable today will completely turn our lives upside down - and improve them in many places. For connect, this is the dawn of a new era, which we will accompany from now on with the "connect business".

In addition to up-to-date information on industry trends, you will also find international fixed network tests or best practice examples of the telecommunications industry from mobile to fixed network, from 5G to 6G, in our Webazine. To kick things off, we summarize our connect conference here for all those who could not be there, or all those who want to refresh their knowledge. Thank you for joining us on the journey - and please buckle up now.

Dirk Waasen, Publishing Director WEKA MEDIA PUBLISHING