Digital publications for publishers and editorial offices

Many publishers and editors whose publishing processes are oriented towards printed magazines are facing enormous challenges: more and more people are reading online and the sales opportunities for printed editions are decreasing. At the same time, the advertisement market is crashing. With Webmag, the magazine character is also preserved online and offers new paths to inspire readers and advertisers.

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Breaking new ground with digital publications

It is becoming more and more important for publishers and editors to be visible online. While the goodbye song to print is getting louder, the pressure to implement digital solutions is on the rise. Readers demand digital offers, move around in social media. And advertisers want to invest where their target groups really are. Last but not least, everyone wants to reduce paper and mailing costs. Online, however, often only the PDF that is left from the printing process is used - an entirely emergency solution.

  • Not responsive
  • Not interactive
  • Not shareable
  • Not measurable

Go digital!



Responsive web publications instead of PDFs that no one reads



Start with one issue and expand, no time consuming process of reviewing


Do It Yourself

Easy creation process, suitable for any level of expertise


Magazine character

A closed magazine character is preserved

Transfer print editions into the digital world

As diverse as the publishing industry is, so is the range of digital solutions: Content is published in apps, in blogs or packaged in the smallest social media bites. Webmag meets a central concern of readers, editors and advertisers: to keep the issue self-contained. While articles on the blog or website break down into incoherent individual parts and compete with numerous content pieces on Google & Co, many people are longing for the context of the self-contained issue. It brings peace of mind, orientation and a sense of classification. With Webmag, publishers create digital issues - time-related, for example the June issue, or theme-based - with a cover, table of contents, related articles - a beginning and an end.

Still, all the advantages from the digital world can be benefited from: The individual articles of the issues can be found on Google, SEO-optimised and shared on social media. Thanks to Analytics, the issues can be evaluated article by article - which is important for positioning and evaluating ads.

„We publish several specialist publications in our publishing house. At the beginning, we focused on trying out new ad formats and offering them to our customers. For this, we created sample pages and presented them to our customers. When enough interested parties were on board, we implemented a first online edition and tested how our readers received the offer. We then transferred more and more issues to Webmag, little by little. From the reactions of both readers and our customers, we realise how important it is to simply be brave to keep up with the changes.“


Publishing Director

Earn more money with digital formats

One of the main tasks for publishers and editors is to generate revenue - via subscriptions, with paid content or with advertisements. Digital publications created with Webmag offer a wide range of possibilities:

  • Paywall
    Paywalls can be set up for entire publications, individual issues or even individual articles. You decide which content is free of charge and which costs money.
  • Advertising formats
    Formats from the print sector can be transferred, e.g. 1/1 or 1/2 pages, ad boxes of any size, etc. Ads can be extended by videos, call-to-action buttons, links, forms and much more.

There are two main advantages to using analytics: On the one hand, you can adapt the ad positioning to the performance of your issues and articles. On the other hand, you create measurable results, for example by proving the success of the ad placements on the basis of views and clicks.