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A proper magazine format for online communication: Webmag makes it easy to create digital customer magazines, staff magazines, trade magazines and much more. Publish your content not as a page-turning PDF or in the form of separate articles on the website. Instead, publish them as closed online editions - responsive, interactive and browser-based.

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Magazines as PDF file or single blog posts?

In order to communicate with customers at eye level, content marketing is becoming more and more important. However, many companies hide their costly and complex content in formats that no one reads online, for example in PDF files. PDFs cannot be used for digital content marketing because they are difficult to read on a smartphone and can only be shared to a very limited extent. They are not interactive and cannot be evaluated. They remain a poor compromise even if they are enriched with links and packaged in a scrollable flip PDF.

The alternative for many is to simply post their content on the website or blog - but this loses the character of the publication - readers are missing context, the content falls apart into disconnected pieces and is not shareable with partners, e.g. for POS individualisation.

Communicate online using digital magazines

That's why it's time to start using proper digital magazines. With digital magazines you keep your content in context and make it available where your readers are: on their computer in the office, their smartphone on the go or their tablet sitting on the couch. Online magazines created with Webmag are browser-based, i.e. they can be easily read in the browser on any device - no app is required.

Thanks to a connecting navigation bar, the issues will retain their self-contained character. And because all articles are output in HTML format, everything you already know from websites is possible - call-to-action buttons, forms, interactive graphics, videos, comment functions and much more. At the same time, each article can be shared individually on social media and found on Google - not just the issue as a complete unit.

Go digital!



Responsive web publications instead of PDFs that no one reads


Magazin character

Related issues instead of articles without context


SEO, sharing and feedback

Optimised for Google, social media and interaction with readers


Do It Yourself

Easy creation process, suitable for any level of expertise


Service & support

Thanks to the Webmag team, you're never all alone, despite DIY



Integrated Analytics or Google Analytics for detailed evaluation

Hire a special agency? Simply do it yourself!

No expensive specialist agency is needed to create web magazines. Thanks to the modular editor, you can create your articles simply using drag & drop. The operation is foolproof and tailored to users who manage the content (and are often not web experts).

Our users are marketing experts, sales people, PR and social media specialists, editors and graphic designers - both in companies and in agencies who use Webmag to create online publications for their customers. The focus: fast, simple production processes to get the content to their readers in no time at all.

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Evaluate and optimise online magazines

Thanks to Analytics, you can evaluate your web magazine article by article. This means you can see how often which article was viewed, where your readers jump off, which links and buttons were clicked, which devices were used for reading and much more.

With these insights, magazines can be optimised perfectly: Move important articles or advertisements to where they will get more attention. If you want to direct your readers to your Facebook page, set targeted buttons to lead their way. Do you want readers to spend more time in the magazine and consume more information? Then avoid links and lead them to the next articles via references.

The analytics always show you how your readers behave while reading. Depending on the desired goal, you adapt the setup of your magazine.

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You already have a publication that you can imagine as a web magazine? Simply send us the PDF or the contents and we'll create a digital test view of it for you. Free of charge.

Real-time changes

By the way:outdated versions now belong to the past. Only a live version exists online. You want to make changes? Simply log in, change, publish and all readers are up to date.


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